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Oh! Oh! Oh!

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Hillary Clinton is cheating at Scrabbulous

barackobamaisyournewbicycle hillaryclintonisyournewbicycle

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in the Hizzouse?

So this was interesting. This weekend I went to LA to visit a bunch of old friends from various points in my life that I hadn’t seen in a long time. On Saturday bunch of my friends from Emerson and … Continue reading

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Farewell Barbarosa!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the writers strike has finally come to an end. We can go back to business as usual… new episodes of Heroes and Lost, late night hosts can have their monologues back so Leno can continue to make … Continue reading

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RIP Rollei…

Over winter break I was trying to get into my car with a lot of stuff in my arms and off rolled my Rolleicord. Smash went the ground glass and mirror and god knows what else inside it… I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Part II- OreGUN

So more catch up– probably the last catch up because its all becoming so distant and arbitrary now! Piling on more and more time-dirt!Christmas was great. Lots of family and children and food. Then about two days before New years … Continue reading

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