Rearview mirrors are awesome

If you’re farsighted/ a slow reader/ hungover from pre-fourth of July festivities (lush.), skip the text and just go straight to the tritych at the end. That basically sums it up.

For the rest of you;

You know how when you’re biking really fast down a street with parked cars on one side and rush hour traffic on the other, and you think to yourself, ‘man. How much would it suck if someone just opened their car door in front of me right now and I went flying over my handlebars into the middle of the road and messed up my leg and ended up lying there in the street surrounded by receipts and tampons from my overturned purse?’.
probably not. I wouldnt know anything about that.
Until Thursday.

I actually got pretty lucky- when i realized what had happened I managed to sit up and get myself on the the sidewalk, and these three 5 or 6 year old kids were standing there looking freaked out.
One of them asked ‘What happened??’
I was still sort of stunned, I said I fell off my bike.
The kid said ‘Did you get hurt?’
I said I think I hurt my leg and sat back a little too look at it and there was a lot of scrapes and some blood so the kids all went ‘Woooa!! Eeeeeew!’
I think one of them asked if I was okay which was cute. This woman had just come out of yoga or something and said she was a doctor and check me out to make sure i didnt break anything. The guy that hit me seemed way more freaked out than I was. He got my things and my bike out of the road and was really apologetic and obviously felt awful.
No worries, man. Karma thinks I had it coming.

I’m fine. More than fine. I look seriously badass with all my badges of PAIN. I also got a chance to drive around inland and shoot some nice landscapes this weekend.

I managed to sum up the events with this lovely triptych:

(click to view. this preview is no good.)


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3 Responses to Rearview mirrors are awesome

  1. Megan Elizabeth says:

    duder, you need to invest in a helmet. Also, I sincerely hope that somebody has adopted the highway that grew between your legs and made a commitment to maintaining its beauty and picking up litter. ‘cuz otherwise you’re gonna have like A LOT of work to do, shit.

  2. caisse says:

    …you mean you didn’t??

  3. Megan Elizabeth says:

    Worst mistake of my life. Every Saturday I’m out there in a reflective vest picking up Big Gulps.

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