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you shall above all things be glad and young

i am resisting the temptation to post this youtube i found of a ninja cat. I’ve been shooting my godsister a lot; it occurred to me recently that she is going away to college very soon (about 5 days now) … Continue reading

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Let’s get CULINARY!

they’re chocolate army men and vanilla dead sea animals!

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I’m not really sure why I entered this thing. I usually tend to think these things are a little silly and inconsequential, but when you’re looking out from the shallow end of a 5 hour shift waiting in front of … Continue reading

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’tis better.

(Did you ever wake up, and go through that process of pulling yourself together, remembering who you are and where you are, and then where you were. What you did last night, what you’ve done wrong. And then you remember … Continue reading

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