Ibán Ramón!

I haven’t really done this before- but I want to recognize this really talented photographer I came across on Flickr the other day.
He’s a Spanish (I believe) artist named Ibán Ramón. Apart from the “green-ness” a lot of his photos have, I really enjoy his aesthetic and love almost all of his portraits. They’re like dutch paintings. So gorgeous. His website is here (though its all in Spanish) and his Flickr site is here. Check him out, I’m a fan.

Also check it out…
Ibán Ramón
Casper David Friedrich


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2 Responses to Ibán Ramón!

  1. Lauren Davis says:

    Love the image of the rock in the ocean.
    It's very nostalgic for me.

  2. katie says:

    Hi Jessica, this is Katie I just started following you on here.
    Check this out:

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